Aromatherapy Add-ons

We offer aromatherapy add-ons for any Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massage.  We offer single essential oil aromatherapy or a signature blend. Our signature blends of essential oils promote well-being, muscle relief, stress relief, and relaxation. Through using natural, pure essential oils, we can help heal, stimulate and treat the body, mind, and spirit. Add an aromatherapy blend to your massage to delve deeper into treatment and relaxation with us. The aromatherapy blends now offered at Melt Massage + Body include the following:


Take care of your mind, and simultaneously your body, with this uplifting and comforting blend of oils.  Essential oils included in the aromatherapy blend include oils such as tangerine, ylang ylang and lavender. This aromatherapy blend is designed to alleviate stresses and boost your mood.

Muscle Relief:

This aromatherapy blend includes a unique combination of oils such as black pepper, copaiba and lavender, which aid tense, sore and tired muscles in releasing, while helping you relax with a refreshing scent.

Stress Relief:

Restore balance and promote a peaceful mind and body with a blend of clary sage, roman chamomile and lavender. These aromatherapy oils work together to calm your body and put you at ease.


Add drops of lavender, ylang ylang and frankincense to your Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, and it will provide a sense of tranquility and ease for your mind and muscles.

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