Spa Packages & Specials

Swedish Massage & Facial

Enjoy a traditional one hour Swedish Massage, during which you’ll feel the stress in your body instantly begin to melt. The long, flowing strokes of Swedish massage are designed to relax the mind, increase circulation, and reduce muscle tension, all designed to encourage relaxation and releasing toxins.

Combine this luxurious treatment with an Invigorating Facial or Gentleman’s Facial. The Invigorating Facial is fully customizable and suitable for all skin types but is designed to exfoliate and invigorate the skin to leave you positively glowing. The Gentleman’s Facial is perfect for the bearded and non-bearded man who is looking to improve his skin. We utilize oxygen-based products and our ultra sonic spatula to cleanse and soften the skin, followed by soothing aftercare products. 

Package Cost: $175

Deep Tissue Massage & Facial w/Hydrojelly Mask

With this package, you get the healing benefits of a 1-hour deep tissue massage, which will give you the ultimate feeling of well-being. Strong strokes and deep pressure, with special attention to tight muscles and ligaments, will eliminate stress and tension you’re holding within.

Combine this luxurious treatment with an Invigorating Facial or Gentleman’s Facial as above, but finish it with our luxurious Hydrojelly mask treatment, designed to leave your skin hydrated, refreshed, and glowing.

Package Cost: $200

90-Minute Swedish Massage & Protein Oxygen Facial

Enjoy an extended 90-minute Swedish Massage, and let the long, flowing strokes of Swedish massage work their magic.  You’ll instantly feel your mind relax as you benefit from the increased circulation and release of muscle tension.

Combine this luxurious treatment with our Protein Oxygen Lift Facial. In this facial, you will achieve incredible lifting and firming results with the Protein Lift Oxygen Therapy Treatment. The Super Protein Masque increases the skin’s cardiovascular system, helping to oxygenate tired skin cells to lift, firm, and tighten the skin. This treatment also helps brighten hyperpigmentation and stimulate collagen growth to give you the ultimate glow and youthful appearance.

Package Cost: $275

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