Calli Jo Sawyer, Owner & Certified Licensed Massage Practitioner

Calli graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2003, and has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) for the past 17 years.

Throughout those 17 years,  Calli has worked with chiropractors and physical therapists, perfecting her skills in sports and injury massage. She also specializes in deep tissue massage. Her experience truly shows in everything she does. Beyond skill, Calli has a deeply caring and nurturing personality, which she uses to develop personal relationships with each client. In addition to being an exceptional massage therapist, Calli is a dedicated mom, and has three beautiful girls: Avery, Riley, and Phoenix.

Haley Espinosa, LMT Certified Zen Bodytherapy Practitioner & Structural Integration Therapist

Haley’s desire to be a part of global change drew her attention to the power of holistic healing and it’s capacity to impact the world, thus discovered her passion for the phenomenal world of massage and decided to devote her life to the study and practice of a vocation that would allow her to contribute to individual health and well-being.

After completing her study at the prestigious Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in Tacoma, Washington, Haley relocated to the Kitsap Penninsula where she now provides specialized bodywork blending structural integration and deep tissue techniques.

Somayina Madden, Licensed Massage Therapist

Somayina discovered her love for bodywork while practicing in the equine massage field leading her to graduate from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2019.


Her genuine desire to help others experience a pain-free life has been the driving force that has set her on this path of healing. Somayina’s primary focus during sessions is clinical massage, but as an up-and-coming and inspired massage therapist, she is well rounded in many different techniques and can incorporate cupping into her massages to help clients reach their ultimate health goals.


Nicole Born, Licensed Esthetician

Nicole, mother of two, graduated from Olympic college in 2019. She truly enjoys the practice of esthetics and decided to follow her dreams of becoming an esthetician after many years in the medical field.
She understands that each person’s skin care goals are unique thus strives to work with her clients as a team, giving them the best possible results. 
Nicole invites you to experience the benefits of therapeutic and pampering skin care.
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